How to Use Nose Jammer

How to Use

When Treestand Hunting

  • Spray 3-5 seconds on your boots and pants before you walk into the woods
  • Spray a dash at the base of the tree when you arrive
  • Spray 5-7 seconds on the tree and limbs in the shape of an "X" from   over the top of your head to below your feet, this creates a Nose   Jammer cloud
  • Dont be afraid to use a little extra on the surrounding limbs and even on your clothing
  • Generally 10 seconds of total product works best

When Spot and Stalk Hunting

Spray clothes, pants, and boots liberally. The goal is to create a Nose Jammer cloud that surrounds the hunter.

Adverse Weather Conditions

High winds or heavy precipitation can decrease the Nose Jammer cloud, to combat this we have found that you should spray a tree or brush 10 yards on each side of your setup. This will help you maintain your olfactory overload during adverse weather conditions.

spray your footwear

Before entering the woods
spray boots and pants for 3-5 seconds

spray base of tree

When arriving at your treestand
spray base of tree & surrounding brush

spray surrounding tree limbs

Once in the stand spray 5-7 seconds on the tree from over your head to your feet

use a little extra

Don’t be afraid to use a little extra on surrounding limbs and even your clothing